Why has my boiler stopped working

Why has my boiler stopped workingWhy has my boiler stopped working? As a plumber this is a common question in this article we will look at some of the main reasons that a boiler breaks down or stops working. Below are a few things you can check before you call us.

Why has my boiler stopped working, first off the simple things to check

  • Have you tried the reset button? We know this sounds silly but boilers have a number of built in safety devices that may just trip your boiler out. All boilers have a reset button. You can usually find this located on the front of the boiler although some have a dial that needs to be reset to zero and switched back  on. If you can't locate the reset button check the manual. If you can't find the manual just take down the make and model of boiler and put it in to Google and you will bee able to download a copy.
  • Check the power. It may not be the boiler at all, it could be that a fuse has tripped or a circuit breaker so double check this.
  • You should check the heating controls. Some of the new thermostats or timers can seem complicated so again check your instructions. Some controls can send signals remotely so check these also. Just remember, one wrong press of a button can render your heating non operational so check any batteries too.
  • Check the gas supply. Especially if you're on a prepaid meter. If your credit runs out remember once you have topped up you have to press the gas meter reset button to reconnect the gas supply.

Why has my boiler stopped working, the more technical stuff

  • Have you checked the pressure? Your boiler should have a pressure gauge, this gauge should show a reading of at least 1 bar pressure when cold. This can be very common in combination (or combi) boilers. A lot of these boilers will have a Why has my boiler broken downsafety device that will  stop the boiler from working if the pressure goes below a certain level. If this is the case your system has a filling loop. This will allow you to fill the system with more water to increase the pressure. If you are not confident doing this yourself just give us a call on 01-6874853. This can happen over a period of time or it may be an underlying fault such as an expansion vessel failing. This could also be caused by a leak in the system.
  • A leak in your system. You may not be able to see it but we can find it and suggest the best solution to fix it.
  • Isl the pilot light on? It could be as simple as a build up of gunk over a period of time around the pilot light stopping the boiler from igniting.
  • The heat exchanger has failed. Heat exchangers can fail over time due to pitting and a build up of gunk. This is caused by metal oxides in the water and sludge and gunk built up over a period of time. A new heat exchanger would be required.

More Reasons, Why has my boiler stopped working!

  • Is your central heating airlocked? This will disrupt the flow  of water through your central heating system. Click here to read our article on how to cure airlocks.
  • A broken diaphragm valve. This regulated the liquid and gas flow within the central heating system. If this is broken the safety features will prevent the boiler from working.
  • The motorized valve in your central heating system has stopped working. If your boiler hasn't been in use for a while i.e. in summer time the valve may be siezed or clogged up. Tell tale signs like your heating and hot water are off but the boiler is on or vice versa. Sometimes the motorized valve can be fixed, sometimes you may need a new one. It's not the most expensive job and the team at plumbers Dublin would be happy to help.

We hope this helped you when are wondering why has my boiler has stopped working.  It may give you ideas on things to check, things you can fix and things you might not be able to. If you have any problems please give the team at Plumbers Dublin a call on 01-6874853.

Why has my boiler stopped  working

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