What is Power Flushing

what is power flushing | about power flushingWhat is power flushing and why would I need it? That is a question that comes up from time to time from people outside the plumbing world. In this article we will explain exactly what power flushing is and how it can benefit you central heating system.

What is power flushing?

Power flushing is all part of good central heating maintenance. Over a period of time there What is power flushing | about power flushingare a number of factors that can affect the performance of your central heating system. Power flushing is where your plumber connects a special machine and pumps a chemical through your central heating to clean your system. Once this is done a corrosion inhibitor is added, this will prevent future corrosion inside your system. Below you will find a list of reasons why you may need your central heating power flushed.

Reasons to consider power flushing

  1. A new boiler installation. Even though your pipes and radiators seemed to be doing a perfectly good job prior to a new boiler installation it is very likely that there is a build up of sludge and dirt or corrosion within the pipes. Most boiler manufacturers now state that your warranty is invalid unless it is power flushed prior to the new installation. Your boiler may still be under warranty but the manufacturer will send out an engineer to test the water and if the system has not been power flushed they will deem your warranty invalid, so please read the fine print.
  2. If your heating system is taking ages to heat up.
  3. If you have cold spots in your radiators. This is normally a sign of a build up of sludge within the heat exchange and through the system.
  4. If you are continually having problems with the pump and it keeps failing.
  5. If your boiler is making strange noises. Sludge and gunk in the heat exchange again causes this.
  6. You are always having to bleed your rads.
  7. there are leaks from pin holes in the body of the radiators.

It  takes time to do the job right

It usually takes a couple of visits for power flushing. The first is to evaluate the central heating system and requirements. At this point we can arrange the appointment to carry out the work. This will always be at a time convenient for client(weekends at no extra charge). Please note a complete system power flush can take 4-5 hours. The benefits of power flushing are that you will have optimized the performance of your heating system, assisting to prolonging the life of parts and reducing heating costs.

We are happy to say our power flushing service is available at approximately two thirds of the price that Bord Gais energy charge. We hope you found our article what is power flushing interesting? If you would like to book an appointment or get a free quote just call plumbers Dublin on 01-6874853.

what is power flushing | about power flushing

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