What is a Magna Valve

what is a magna valve | magna cleaning valveA common question we get asked as plumbers is what is a magna valve or mag valve as it's also known. Here we will explain what it is and the benefits to your heating system if you have one. The water in Ireland can be harsh and the effect it has on a central heating system over a period of time can be detrimental. When you find cold spots in your radiator this is because of a build up of gunk or sludge that builds up over time. This is due to the harshness and impurities of the water. This same dirty water runs around your central heating system. Over a period of time the limescale, gunk and sludge will build up in the heat exchanger in your boiler. This causes "kettling". Kettling, known as such because the noise it makes is similar to that of a kettle boiling is caused by water being unable to flow freely through the heat exchanger. This results in a decrease in performance of the your boiler, increased costs to heating and reduced lifespan of the heat exchanger and the boiler.

So what is a magna valve and it's benefits?

A magna cleaning valve or mag valve is fitted prior to the water entering the boiler on the inward water feed (generally above the boiler. It purifies the water removing dirt, grime debris and prevents a build up in the radiators and heat exchanger. This helps to ensure your central heating system operates to it's maximum potential. This is turn saves money on heating costs and prolongs the life of your boiler. A magna clean valve is straight forward to clean. It can be done by your plumbing engineer on you annual service but if you have particularly bad water it may have to be checked and cleaned every few months. A plumbers Dublin engineer who installed it can show you how to do it. A final added bonus is when eventually your boiler needs replacing you can keep the mag valve. All new boilers come with a 5 year parts warranty but it is stated that your system must be clean

What is a magna valve alternative?

magna valve | mag valveThe alternative to having a magna valve fitted is power flushing. This again cleans your system thoroughly. The downside to power flushing is that it can take between 4-6 hours to complete. We do come in on price far less than the Bord Gais energy price of €599 + V.A.T. This is expensive as it is a one off clean. As time goes by the sludge, dirt and grime will continue to build up again.

We supply and fit mag valve to all systems and they come as standard with all our new boiler installations. Now at least if you are ever asked what is a magna valve you will have a good idea. For further information or a free quote call an expert at plumbers Dublin on 01-6874853.

what is a magna valve



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