Water Conservation Tips

Water conservation tips from plumbers DublinWater conservation tips are extremely relevant at the moment especially now the dreaded water charges have kicked in. Whether you're paying your bill or not we all know that saving water where we can is the right thing to do. At plumbers Dublin we will proceed to give you all the basic information on water usage, wastage and water conversation tips. If you are being charged on a meter following this advice could save you a lot of money each year.

How we waste water without thinking about it and water conservation tips

Here are some general water usage facts, some might seem quite astonishing.

  • Showers. A standard shower uses around 7 liters of water a minute, a power shower uses around 23 liters a minute.
  • A standard size bath will use in the region of 90 liters of water to fill it.
  • Flushing your toilet. Some older toilets with big cisterns can use up to 13 liters of water per flush.
  • Dishwashers. A normal size dishwasher uses about 20 liters per cycle.
  • Washing machines. They vary but will uses between 5.5 and 13 liters per kilogram of laundry.
  • Taps. they use between 6 and 7 liters per minute.
  • It is estimated that the average person uses approximately 160 liters of water a day.
  • We know the ancient underground water system in Ireland is not up to scratch and it is estimated that we lose about 40% of our water this way.

Water conservation tips.

  • The 2 biggest wastes of water in a household or business generally go unnoticed because we don't register the water we are losing. They are dripping taps and leaky toilets. A drip of water is only .25 ML but a tap dripping at 1 drip per second Water conseervation tips a loose flapper valvewastes over 20 liters a day, that's over 7,000 per year or around a month and half's worth of  daily consumption for an adult. When we said leaky toilets, you may not even notice it. A slow gentle trickle of water coming down the back of the toilet bowl indicates that the flapper valve is worn. The seal is not preventing the water exiting when idle. Sometimes it can cause a brown stain to build up at the back of the toilet. You can get a professional from plumbers Dublin to fix either of these issues or click on how to fix a flapper valve.
  • Showers. The average person spends 7 minutes in a shower, knock a minute off. This saves Water conservation tips dual flush toilet2,500 liters p.a. for a standard shower and 8,400 liters on a power shower.You can also fit a low flow shower head which can save around 20% of your usage.
  • A dual flush system on a toilet uses around 5 liters for a short flush up to 6.5 for a long flush this can save over 10,ooo liters a year. The other option is a water displacement pouch these are inexpensive, for each liter pouch placed in the cistern you save one liter per flush.
  • Cleaning teeth and washing hands. Use a plug in the sink, if you spend 2 minutes with the tap on cleaning teeth that's 14 liters. With a plug fill the basin with a couple of liters.
  • Car washing. Get rid of the hose and bucket, sponges, squeegees and chamois leathers. Try a kit that doesn't need water such as noH2O.
  • Dish washers. Make sure you're fully loaded before you switch on.
  • Cold drinks. Instead of letting the tap run until the water runs cold fill up plastic bottles and put them in the fridge ready for chilled dilutable drinks.
  • Plastic bowl. Buy one and wash vegetables etc. in it, use the water for your house plants.
  • Water butts. These are great for collecting water for your garden rather than using a hose.
  • Washing machines. When buying anew one, look for an Eco-friendly model this can save 25 -35 liters per wash.

We hope you find these water conservation tips useful, for expert advice on all plumbing issues just call plumbers Dublin on 01-6874853.

Dublin plumbers Water conservation tips

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