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types of showers the pros and consThere are 6 main different types of showers in the market place in this article we will go through the types of showers the pros and cons. When choosing a new shower it is important to get the correct one for the needs of the occupants and to also factor in the cost against the specifications.

Types of Showers the Pros and Cons.

Digital showers.

These are new state of the art showers that use an electronic control panel to control the types of showers the pros and cons digital showerswater flow pressure and the temperature. The shower control panel can be located up to 30 feet away so you can choose where it is situated. You can switch between shower heads or a digital bath fill option, the LED display will let you know when the shower has reached it's temperature. Depending on the installation the hot water feed can come  from the wall or ceiling and they are available in electric or mixer varieties.

On the downside they can be very expensive starting off at around €800 + V.A.T. and going well above a €1,000 for some models. They do need a power unit which is normally installed in a hot press or attic meaning a plumber and electrician for installing (we have both).

Electric Showers.

The most common shower purchased in today's market place an electric shower is cheap types of showers the pros and cons electric showersand sold everywhere. As an electric shower draws cold water and heats it through an element you won't ever run out of hot water during your shower or if someone starts running hot water from other taps it won't affect the water temperature. An electric shower is more Eco friendly and is over 99.6% efficient as it only heats the water you use rather than a whole tank. The water pressure for your cold water supply is generally higher than the hot water, so you get higher pressure than if you were drawing from the hot supply. An electric shower is totally independent from your central heating and boiler, this means if you have an issue with these you can still count on your shower working.

On the flip side again you will need the help of a RECI certified electrician (which we have) for installation. As electric showers work with heating elements they can be affected by limescale. If you have hard water look what happens to the element of you kettle, the same will be happening to your shower. You just won't get the same sort of pressure that a mixer or some other types of shower give as the water flow rate will be lower. Also it is cheaper to heat water for a shower with gas rather than electricity.

Mixer Showers.

A mixer shower draws both hot and cold water and pushes it through thew shower head. types of showers the pros and cons mixer showersThese types of showers aren't suitable for some types of heating system such as with an immersion. The 2 main types of system they are compatible with are a combi boiler or a low pressure gravity fed system where you have a cold water tank in the attic and a hot water cylinder in the hot press. Generally they are more powerful than electric showers. Please note that with a low pressure system a water pump may have to be fitted to improve the flow rate. Mixer shower are modern in design, very easy to control the temperature and there is no need for an unsightly plastic box containing the controls and you will only need a plumber for installation.

The down side is they can be dearer to buy and need careful investigation when choosing the right one to install. Please ask plumbers Dublin for advice if you are unsure. There are different types of mixer showers such as concentric, dual control, sequential and single lever so have a good look around.

Shower Towers/Shower Panels.

These types of shower are pretty new to the market. They are easy to fit as they are mounted to the wall of your shower area and don't need to remove any tiles or remodeltypes of showers the pros and cons shower towers your bathroom. As they are a newer type they are modern looking and offer a different type of shower experience as the water can be aerated giving you the feeling of a spa. You can have body mist sprays a hand held spray and shower head as features.

They do require a a high pressure water system though, this may mean a water pump be installed which adds quite a chunk of money to the cost.

Power Showers.

These types of showers come with a pump built in. They are great if you have low water types of showers the pros and cons power showerspressure as in a bungalow for example. The pump forces the water through at high pressure as it draws the hot and cold water supply. It is possible to covert an electric shower to a power shower by adding a pump at a later date but this can be messy. the best solution would be a full replacement.

A power shower can not work on a combi boiler system but the main disadvantage that comes from a power shower is cost. They firstly aren't Eco-friendly and secondly they cost twice as much to run as a electric shower for example.

Eco Showers.

There is a new range of Eco showers that concentrate on lowering water usage whilst showering. This is done by aerating the water as it is pumped through the low flow shower types of showers the pros and cons eco showershead. This doesn't affect the water pressure of showering experience. With the water bills imposed these are definitely worth considering but you can buy the special heads separately which in some cases can save up toy 70% of you water and related costs. Click here to see.


We hope our article types of showers the pros and cons has given you a helpful insight in to which shower would be most suitable for you. For expert advice and free quotes on shower installation just call plumbers Dublin on 01-6874853.

Types of showers the pros and cons


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