Things Not To Put Down Toilets

If you're constantly getting problems with a blocked toilet then please read this article on Thing not to put down toilets by plumbers Dublin. A blocked toilet is a real pain and can often be avoided by watching what you are flushing, some are common sense, some may surprise you a bit more.

Things not to put down toilets.

  • Wipes. It doesn't matter if they are baby wipes, bathroom wipes, floor wipes even Things not to put down toilets wipesif they are packaged saying they can be flushed. They are not bio degradable and they don't break down like toilet roll does. They can snag, cause build up and blockages in your plumbing system and the main sewer system. In Minnesota in the U.S.A. the city is suing the makers of these so called flushable wipes for the damage to their drainage system.
  • Cotton wool and cotton buds. These don't break down either, they catch thing Things not to put down toilets cotton budsand accumulate together causing blockages.
  • Napkins and paper towels. If you continue to flush these you're in for trouble, they don't break down and can catch and gather other waste causing clogging.
  • Plasters. These can catch other things causing problems to any sewage system.
  • Cat litter. Some may think this should be o.k. as it's cat urine and faeces but the litter itself is made from sand and clay! Not a wise thing to put down your toilet.
  • Oil, grease or fats. Oh but aren't they liquid you ask? Heated oils and fats are.  things not to put down toilets greaseAs soon as they cool they will stick to anything and congeal. This can cause massive blockages in your drainage system and main sewers.
  • Nappies. It seems obvious but some people think it's O.K. because it has poo in it. Nappies expand the more water they come in contact with. If you manage to flush them blockages will follow.
  • Floss. It may be only small, stingy and thin but it's great at catching on things and then catching other things. After flossing, bin in, don't flush it!
  • Hair. The same as floss it catches and ends up in big balls with other things attached, clear it out of sink, bath and shower plug holes and traps as well as not flushing.
  • Sanitary towels and tampons. Again like nappies they expand and catch thing causing blockages. Another big no no.
  • Condoms. anything that doesn't degrade and can hold water and other things is bad. Discreetly dispose of in the bin.
  • Building waste and paint. Rubble, sand, metal wood, straw or grass can sit in u bends or pipes and snag on things causing blockages. Paint sticks and solidifies when it comes in to contact with waste.
  • Food. Whereas bread may be O.K. bones, fruit peel or cores again can cause problems.

In the past most people have put at least one of the above down the toilet. All the above are definitely things not to put down toilets though if you want to avoid blockages and damaging the environment. If you do have a blockage you can't clear just call plumbers Dublin on 01-6874853.


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