System Boilers

About System boilersIn this article we will be covering system boilers. To the normal person it can still be confusing when choosing the right type of boiler for their needs, a system boiler is one of the main three types used today.

A system boiler is quite similar to an open vent boiler, it takes up more space as it has 2 tanks. The principle behind system boilers is to store hot water. A large amount of the individual parts of the hot water and heating are built in to a system boiler. This means they don't need a feed or expansion cistern. If you haveĀ  a pressurized hot water cylinder you won't require a hot water tank, if not you will need one. If you have a large demand for hot water i.e. a modern family home a system boiler is ideal as every meter of space for storage is needed.

The benefits of system boilers.

  • There's always plenty of hot water so many faucets can be used at the same time.
  • There's no need for an expansion tank in the attic.
  • If you have a pressurized water cylinder you won't need a tank in the loft either.
  • Perfect for a big property with high hot water requirements.
  • As there are only a few parts outside the boiler it's easy to install. This makes it quick, easy and efficient.
  • It has a fast response and economical running costs as the pump is integrated in system boilers.

The negatives of system boilers.

  • It's larger so it will take up more room than a combi boiler.
  • There is a limit on the hot water as per the size of your cylinder. You may try running a bath and find you have to wait for more water to heat.
  • You can still lose heat to the surrounding areas from the cylinder meaning it's not as energy efficient.

Read more about heat only boilers and combi boilers here.

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