About the RGIThe RGI are the governing body in reference to plumbers who work with natural gas. All gas installations, this could be a boiler, cooker or fire installation or work to do with gas, re piping for example has to be carried out by an R.G.I .accredited plumbing engineer. The regulations also apply to the purchase of  gas appliances such as gas boilers. This is to ensure non accredited plumbers or lay people do not try to carry out the work, obviously for health and safety reasons.

About the RGI and it's history.

The RGI or registered gas installers Ireland came in to operation in via the C.E.R. (the commission of energy regulation). The C.E.R. took over the statutory obligations from Bord Gais to improve the standard of regulations when it came to gas installers in 2006. The RGI has been appointed as the gas safety supervisory body (G.S.S.B.) by the C.E.R. and has approximately 3,200 certified members.

In 2009 legislation was passed stating that all persons carrying out "gas work" must be registered with G.S.S.B. before they undertake the work. Also once completing their work they must provide a certificate of compliance with the regulations (gas cert). If an unqualified person undertakes the work they may be liable to legal proceedings from the C.E.R.

All of our team at plumbers Dublin are R.G.I. registered and issue compliance certificates as required. To become accredited a plumber needs to go through an  extensive training course and testing. This is complicated, time consuming and expensive (around €1500).

It is therefore always a wise move to check the plumbing company you employ are compliant in all of these areas. We are fully insured, guarantee all of our work we complete and have over 30 years of commercial, industrial and domestic plumbing experience to rely on so with plumbers Dublin you can trust you are in safe hands of seasoned experts. Why not check out some of our commercial clients. For quotes and professional or if you need an emergency Dublin plumber advice call us today on 01-6874853.

RGI information

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