Preventing Frozen Pipes

Prventing frozen pipesWith the Irish weather being so unpredictable preventing frozen pipes is a wise move. We all know the weather can change in a flash overnight and temperatures can quickly reach well below the freezing level. At plumbers Dublin we will give you all the expert information you need in preventing frozen pipes this winter.

Good advice on preventing frozen pipes.

  • Insulation. If you have pipes that may be exposed to the cold get them insulated Preventing frozen pipesproperly.
  • If it is likely to go below freezing leave all your cupboard/press doors open this will allow warm air from the building to flow around the pipes.
  • We know you are trying to save water but if it gets very cold it is advisable to leave taps on to a slight trickle. This is because running water is far less likely to freeze.
  • Check all your external walls for holes, then repair them. This will reduce any exposure to cold air. You can also use wind barriers or tap covers to protect pipes, taps and valves on the outside of your property.

If you are unfortunate enough to get a frozen pipe be very careful. If you can identify where and which pipe is frozen then you can tentatively try to thaw it out. Always remember if your pipe has frozen it may have caused damage to the pipe or joints and a crack or leak could cause flooding. If you do want to proceed here are some tips.

How to thaw a frozen pipe.

  • Firstly locate your stopcock in case something goes wrong.
  • Pipes inside the building, crank up the central heating and open cupboards.
  • Turn on taps a trickle with warm water (not boiling, a sudden change in temperature can cause damage), this may assist clear it.
  • Use a mix of dissolved salt in warm water for drains, salt lowers the melting temperature for ice.
  • Use a hairdryer gently to warm the affected frozen area.
  • Gently use a fan heater to blow warm air in to outside vents.
  • Hot towels can can be applied around frozen pipes and changed every 5 minutes or so. Make sure they are wringed out before applying them.
  • Heat tape can be wrapped around a frozen pipe(do not overlap it), plug it in, it will slowly heat up once powered up. This can be purchased from most D.I.Y. stores.

Please be careful if using any of these tips. It is always better to look at preventing frozen pipes than risking them freezing. For expert assistance just call plumbers Dublin on 01-6874853.

Preventing frozen pipes

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