Plumbing Tips

Plumbing TipsChoose from the list below to acquire useful plumbing tips and information. On this page we have a few tips on hot water cylinders for you.

Plumbing tips - Hot water cylinders

  • Check the temperature settings on the hot water cylinder. It shouldn't be set any higher than 120°F. This will prevent scalding and reduce the use of energy.
  • Carefully drain approximately 12 liters from the hot water cylinder. This will flush out corrosion that causes sediment Sediment reduces heating efficiency and will shorten the life of the heater.
  • Check the date on your hot water cylider. The first four digits of the serial number on the cylinder are the month and year. Any cylinder over fifteen years old is a candidate to be replaced.
  • Ensure flammables are not stored near the cylinder or furnace.
  • A rusty or corroded water storage tank is a sign of impending problems. These should be replaced immediately by plastic ones as i) It is likely to split/burst causing a flood. ii) They aren't within current Irish regulations. You must  call a registered plumber to inspect it ASAP.

If you like these plumbing tips there are plenty more to read. Alternatively for professional advice call us on 01-6874853,

Plumbing Tips

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