Plumbers FAQS

Plumbers faqsAt Plumbers Dublin we try and give all the information possible please read our general plumbers faqs. These can help you by answering questions on plumbing and can save you time and money.

Plumbers faqs.

  1. Q. What is the best water pressure to have, can it be too high? A. The answer is yes it can be too high. If it is over 80 p.s.i. it can cause damage to your water heater and other plumbing fixtures. The ideal pressure should be between 45-60 p.s.i. Local hardware shops will sell a relatively cheap water pressure gauge that will fit on an outside tap if you want to check yourself. If you do, make sure you run the tap for a few seconds before attaching it, this will ensure no air blocks and give an accurate reading.
  2. Q. Why do my pipes rattle? A. This could be for a number of reasons, firstly there plumbers faqs rattling pipesmay be air in your system, therefore bleeding the radiators may solve the problem. If that doesn't work it may be that the pipes have come loose from the clips/attachments to the cross joists. This can be solved by making sure all the clips are attached (not too tightly as pipes do expand) or pad the pipes with insulation foam. If this doesn't work there could be a build up of gunk/sludge in your heating system. If this is the case power flushing is the solution.
  3. Q. Where is my stopcock? A. It is always important to know where your stopcock plumbers faqs where is my stopcockis in case of an emergency such as a burst pipe. Your stopcock is usually located in the kitchen, under the sink. In some house though it can be found in a cupboard by the sink or in the font or back hallway in a press. It is usual that there is a main stopcock around the perimeter boundary of your property, this could be on the road. There can be other houses having water supplied by this.
  4. Q. Why has my boiler stopped working? A. Please read our article on boiler problems and maintenance.
  5. Q. Why do my drains smell. A This is normally an easy fault to fix as the issue is generally a dried out trap. All drains have a u shaped trap which is designed to hold a small bit of water all the time. This prevents smells and gases from escaping from the sewer and getting into your property. The solution would usually bee to pour water down all your drains especially the ones you rarely use. If this doesn't work unfortunately you may need to call plumbers Dublin for a professional inspection.
  6. Q.My toilet is blocked, can I unblock it myself ? A.Before calling us try our household tips to unblocking toilets. How to Unblock Toilets.
  7. Q.My boiler has packed up and I need a new one. What sort is the best fit for my needs? A. There are 3 main types of boiler used just click on the names to read about what is best for you, combi boilers, heat only boilers, system boilers. If you need some expert advice just give plumbers Dublin a call on 01-6874853.

These are some of the most frequents plumbers faqs we get if you need advice on any plumbing matter e-mail us or give us a call on 01-6874853, we'll be happy to help.

plumbers faqs

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