Heat Only Boilers

About heat only boilersThere are many different types, makes and models of boiler these days. One of the more common type are heat only boilers. It can become confusing to the lay person when choosing what the right boiler is  for their needs. In the article we are going to cover the advantages and disadvantages of a heat only boiler.

What you will find is that heat only boilers are part of most of the older type of central heating systems. They have 2 functions, firstly to directly provide heat for your radiators. Secondly to supply hot water, they do this by in nearly all cases by drawing water from a cold water cistern, This is normally located in a loft or attic, there is also a separate expansion cistern. A gravity feed is used to supply the water and once it is heated it's stored in a hot water cylinder.

The benefits of heat only boilers.

  • They are very good for households with large occupancy where there is a high demand for hot water.
  • As you have a large tank of hot water you can use as many outlets as you need at once.
  • It can be replaced relatively easily if necessary as there are very few changes to the pipework.

The downside of heat only boilers.

  • In comparison to a combi boiler they take up a lot of space.
  • They aren't very good for energy efficiency. Even if you insulate your cylinder properly they lose heat, with bad or no insulation they can lose a lot of heat to areas nearby.
  • You will only have a limited amount of hot water dependent on the size of the cylinder.
  • Extra space is required as the hot water pump for the system is separate.

Read about combi boilers and system boilers here.

At plumbers Dublin we install and repair all types of boilers including heat only. All of our team are fully qualified R.G.I. professionals. We guarantee all of our work and are fully insured. For a free quote or professional expert advice on heat only boilers just call 01-6874853.

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