Gas Boiler Service

gas boiler serviceAn annual gas boiler service is all part and parcel of good central heating maintenance. Every single company who manufactures boilers recommends this. There are a number of reasons why and we will go in to these shortly.

Boilers are like many other mechanical entities a car being a perfect example. A car may be working fine but it still takes its N.C.T. each year. All parts are checked and lubricated, small adjustments may be made. A fan belt may be tightened, the timing could be adjusted or the steering realigned.  A boiler is similar You may use it for 6 months for you heat and when the weather turns warmer its switched off and you forget about it. If you parked your car in your garage for 6 months doing nothing would you expect it to start straight away?

Here are the main reasons to have a gas boiler service

  1. For health and safety reasons. If you have a gas leak either from the boiler or a faulty flue you may be inhaling Carbon Monoxide. This could cause illness and in the worst case scenario prove fatal. These checks are carried out. Water leaks, this doesn't just mean losing pressure and performance in your system. If the water comes in to contact with electricity you then have a dangerous fire hazard.
  2. Making your boiler more efficient. Cleaning your boiler can help it perform much easier. Removing the strain means using less gas so you save money. It will also prolong the life of your boiler.
  3. Checking the parts. When cleaning the boiler we can check the parts and identify wear and tear. Problems caught at an early stage can save an expensive, inconvenient break down at a later stage.

The R.G.I. recommend an 18 point check for a gas boiler service, this is what it entails

Gas Boiler Servicing:

1) To carry out inspection of the isolation valves.
2) To make sure the flue location is correct.
3) To make sure the location of the boiler is correct.
4) If  the system is open vented to check the size.
5) To inspect the location of the terminal.
6) Checking that cowl is fitted to the chimney properly.
7) To test and check the main burner
8) To Make sure the main burner is cleaned.
9) to engage in the cleaning of the pilot burner.
10) Cleaning of the heat exchanger.
The Appliance Checks:

11) To check the effectiveness of flue cold.
12) Testing the flue when the boiler is working.
13) Testing the gas soundness of the boiler.
14) Checking the burner pressure.
Electrical Checks:

15) To inspect the 3 amp fuse on spur.
16) To Make sure that a double spur switch is fitted.
17) To apply a gas rating to the boiler.
18) A full analysis to be completed .

Contact us today about your yearly gas boiler service on 01-6874853. Just tell us the make of boiler and we will provide a no obligation quote. Our prices range between €60 - €90 including V.A.T. @ 13.5%.

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