Eco Friendly Sinks

eco friendly sinksThere are many people in Dublin today who, and rightly so are concerned about waste. This includes sustainability and ecology. There are a number of excellent products within the market place such as eco friendly sinks which could suit you. There are many products out there but today we would like to raise awareness of is an innovative idea called sink positive. This is simple but extremely clever idea. It allows you to reuse the waste water you’ve used for washing your hands in to flush your toilet.

Eco friendly sinks can be installed with ease.

They can be installed quickly and with the minimum of fuss by just rerouting the water supply. The water is taken from the pipes though the tap and directed in to your toilet reservoir. Another great benefit that plumbers Dublin would like point out as a positive to this idea is that it will save you money on you water charges (update if they are re-introduced!). It is both economic and ecological and takes up very little space. This makes it perfect for small bathrooms and confined spaces.

If you follow this link, sink positive you can find all the additional information you require. We will happily provide a free quote without obligation on supplying and fitting eco friendly sinks in your property.
If you require any advice on ecological products get in touch with our team. We can help and advise you along the road through a whole new bathroom installation with the most eco friendly solutions available in the market place if you are looking for your dream remodeling. Just call us on 01-6874853 to speak to one of our experts today.

eco friendly sinks installed by R.G.I. plumbers

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