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Dublin 5 PlumbersIf you are looking for Dublin 5 plumbers take a moment to consider which company you should choose.  We have been in the plumbing business for nearly 30 years now and have seen many Dublin plumbers come and go. There are many benefits of employing a large, well known plumbing company such as ours. Even if you decide to engage another plumbing company take heed of the benefits below.

The best advice when choosing Dublin 5 plumbers

  1. If you decide to choose a well respected company like Plumbers Dublin you will always have recourse. This may sound as if you should get that everywhere but not necessarily. Large companies guarantee their work, have an office so if there ever is an issue you have contact points. Unfortunately some smaller companies and individuals can move, go out of business or not be interested after they have been paid if a problem arises.
  2. Insurance. Our D5 plumbers have a portfolio of clients including social housing contracts and property management companies. You will understand that the only way they get this work is by carrying the proper insurance cover. Don't be afraid to ask for a copy of insurance before work commences. Ours is on our website here.
  3. Natural gas. The R.G.I. is becoming more and more stringent. Just being a plumber doesn't mean that you may work with natural gas. Check badges, larger companies advertise their R.G.I. status but you are still within your rights to ask. Plumbers Dublin 5If it's a small company or sole trader if they haven't got their badge with them, ask for them to go and get it before they start the job.

This is sound advice and covers things to be aware of at all times.

Emergency Dublin 5 plumbers available 24/7 - 365

We operate all year round this means if you get a plumbing problem that just can't wait just call 01-6874853. Our emergency plumbers Dublin 5 team will always be happy to take your call. If you need a plumber fast we'll get someone to you, if we can help on the phone and assist you with some advice that will prevent the call we happily will do this also.

D5 plumbers, all work priced up front

All our prices are given up front and includes all parts and labor and a 1 year guarantee. We will never add on extra fees or hidden charges such as travel time once a price is agreed. With this approach you will always know where you stand and never receive a large bill that may shock or upset you. This transparency gives trust and peace of mind to our clients.

Call our Dublin 5 plumbers team today on 01-6874853 for emergencies, free quotes or professional advice.

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