Drain Unblocking

drain unblocking DublinAt plumbers Dublin we have the equipment to complete all drain unblocking jobs large and small. Our team have been clearing drains now for over 3o years with the help of heavy equipment such as high pressure jetters with well over 3,000 pounds per square inch water pressure. We of course use the lighter tools of the trade for smaller jobs such as plumbers snakes, drain rods, water hoovers and roto rooters. Our skilled staff make the job look easy in comparison to some of the bigger companies who also charge twice as much.

Dublin drain unblocking at fantastic rates.

We've checked all of the prices we can find on other websites, please be aware the ones that don't advertise their prices at all charge a fortune (a certain household name will charge €150-€180 on arrival). We are happy to say we are as good as anywhere for drain unblocking in Dublin. We charge €60 per half hour plus V.A.T. and are glad to say that most of the jobs we do take no longer than an hour. For smaller blockages half an hour is the norm. When unblocking drains we arrive with our high pressure jetting units filled with water. Some firms arrive and will hook up to the mains to fill up, beware though they are charging you for their time for doing that!

Our drain unblocking team are experienced and fully insured.

With some of our drain unblocking team having over 30 years experience we have the solutions to unblock drains, toilets, sinks and pipes. We also inform our customers that as a reputable and well established company that we carry full insurance to the value of €13 million.

If you need your drain unblocked quickly and efficiently just call plumbers Dublin on 01-6874853 we would be happy to assist.

drain unblocking Dublin


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