Clean Drain Tips

Clean Drain tips | Clean Drain adviceOne of our top clean drain tips is to use a small amount of boiling water to help keep your drain healthy. We often see in many Irish properties, especially in the winter months that the consumption of hot water declines. This is very natural as heating up your water comes at a price. So obviously this is something people avoid if not required. However we and all of our team members always remind people not to forget the benefits of hot water. It keeps your drains clear and free from clogging up . Grease and oil stick much better when cold water is running, rather than a regular occurring flow of hot water. This is why we always provide a friendly reminder to our clients every now and then. If you know that you’ve not used your hot water for a while, just try to make sure that you run small amount through. This will ensure a good flow.

Clean drain tips and more from plumbers Dublin

For more advice and tips on how you can keep all your pipes flowing freely just get in contact with one of our expert plumbers Dublin staff.  You can ring us at any time and we will always be delighted to help you with any question that you may need answering. Finally we would like to assist by making a small recommendation. When you have finished making a nice soothing hot chocolate, cup of coffee or tea and when there is a little bit of excess water left in the kettle. Our advice would be that you make good use of this and pour it down the sink to help your drain. This will keep it in good order.
We know that a lot of people often choose a plumber based on recommendations from their friends or from excellent reviews. Check out our Yelp, Google plus and Facebook pages to see our excellent feedback from our clean drain tips and other advice.. We are forever striving to improve our service and our customer feedback system gives us a chance to show that.

clean drain tips

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