Boilers DublinWhen it comes to boilers we at Plumbers Dublin have over 3 decades of experience in dealing with all makes and models of industrial, domestic and commercial ones. This means we know what we're talking about. We do gas and oil boiler servicing, boiler repair and boiler installations on a regular basis.

Boilers can be temperamental.

One of the best thing to compare a boiler to is a motor vehicle. If you decided to put your car in your garage for 6 months and not use it, would it start straight away? Maybe or maybe not is the answer. If you didn't have an N.C.T. on your car for 5 years as time went by would you expert parts to wear out, things to break down and become less reliable? Of course you would.

We recommend through the summer months even when you don't need heat every 2-3 weeks fire the boiler up, turn up the temperature and let it run for 20 minutes or so. This will clear the cobwebs, so to speak and make sure all the parts get a work out. The one or two euros this will cost throughout the summer is far cheaper than having to call us out to fix it when it won't start in the winter!

We also highly recommend having an annual boiler service, this is your boilers N.C.T. If a part is wearing and it's about to fail it's a lot cheaper to have it replaced during your annual service, than when it stops working completely. From a health and safety view it's vital also. If you have too high carbon monoxide emissions this can make people sick and even occasionally prove fatal.

There are a number of reasons boilers breakdown here's some of the most common.

  • The diaphragm valve has broken. This valve stops and regulates the flow of gas or liquid in the central heating system.
  • It can have an airlock, this would disrupt the flow of water within the internal plumbing system.
  • The Motorized valve has failed. This valve can sometimes get dirty, clog up and then it gets stuck. This means that your hot water and central heating can be on when you don't want them to be and off when you need them.
  • A problem with the thermostat, this controls the temperature you want. If this is not working your boiler isn't getting told to heat up or what temperature to stop heating at.
  • Leaks in central heating or boiler system can cause problems.
  • If your boiler starts to make banging or gurgling noises this could be one of two things. a) air in the system or b) The pressure is low.
  • If you boiler has a loss of pressure this will normally be linked to a leak in the pressure relief valve which usually means the expansion vessel has failed.
  • Another fault we often get from people is “the pilot light keeps going out”. The two main reasons for this are a deposit build up which can be cured by cleaning or servicing. Sometimes it's just simply caused by a draft.

We hope you find these tips useful remember boilers are like cars if you look after them carefully they will cause far less trouble. For boiler servicing, repair or installation call the professionals at Plumbers Dublin in 01-6874853.

Boilers Dublin

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