Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair

Boiler RepairYou come home, no heat, no hot water you need your boiler repaired. A large percentage of us have had the Oh noooooo experience, don't worry you are not alone! At plumbers Dublin we have over 30 years experience in repairing all type of commercial, industrial and domestic  boilers. Our R.G.I. registered team of plumbers tackle these occurrences on a daily basis.

A boiler repair can be difficult but sometimes easy.

We wont know until we get there.  If you call us and give us the information we need, we can make a calculated guess at the problem. This can save time and money for our clients. There are a number of reasons a boiler can "give up the ghost" for some of the issues please click here for our article on temperamental boilers and the reasons they break down. Standard good quality boilers such as a baxi can normally be repaired quite easily as parts are easily avaial. Unfortunately we encounter all makes and models and some of the Italian models may require parts that are only distributed in the U.K. or even Italy. This may require ordering the part and await delivery.

Our boiler repair team always guarantee their work.

At Plumbers Dublin we strive to work to the highest standards achievable within the industry. If we repair your boiler and we were supplied a faulty part that packed in within a couple of months, we understand you have paid good money and it's not your fault. It's not ours either but leave it to us! We will come out free of charge and remedy the issue and take the matter up with our suppliers. This is Plumbers Dublin 1 year boiler repair parts and labor guarantee.


Emergency boiler repair.

If it does break down, you need someone fast. Our 24 hour emergency boiler repair service is available throughout the county and call out charges do not apply, we only start charging time when we start diagnosis and repair. We will always have someone available as our team are spread throughout county. This is why we guarantee a response time of under an hour throughout the country, traffic permitting (up to 1.5 hours peak traffic).

If you have have a problem with your boiler just call us the experts at plumber Dublin 01-6874853.

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