Boiler Pump Repair

boiler pump repair DublinOur boiler pump repair team at plumbers Dublin can help you. Around 50% of boilers require a pump to force water around your heating system and when the pump breaks down this can cause a big problem.

Pumps are like anything else over a period of time with use parts wear and they break. In some cases they burn out because "they run dry" meaning they are on without a water supply for whatever the reason. In some cases they can be repaired in others unfortunately a new pump is required. Whichever it is our boiler pump repair team can let you know quickly on inspection.

Our expert boiler pump repair team has over 30 years experience.

Having traded with great success for over 30 years and some of our team having over 30 Dublin boiler pump repairyears in the trade their is not a type, make or model of boiler pump we haven't come across. All our staff have full qualifications and are R.G.I. registered so you are always in safe and knowledgeable hands. The one thing we would generally say is that we can complete most boiler pump repairs but sometimes it isn't really cost efficient. If your pump has already been in use for many years by the time you take costs for labor and parts you may be wiser to just get a replacement.

On inspection of a broken pump the member of our boiler pump repair team will advise you of the options, the final decision will be yours but we know our prices for either repair or replacement are as good as anywhere you will find. Please feel free to shop around if you wish.

We guarantee all of our work for a year with parts and labor included but please note that if we repair an old pump we are only guaranteeing for the new part/parts we have fitted. We have found that it is highly likely that a new fault will have developed due to wear and tear of the pumps age. That's why we will always give you this options of repair and replacement.

If your pump has stopped working juts call one of our boiler pump repair team on 01-4920077. We have people on call 24/7 for ready to help.

Repair boiler pump Dublin


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